Red wine TERRA ROMANA MILLENIUM 2016 – 750ml

Red wine TERRA ROMANA MILLENIUM 2016 – 750ml

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Terra Romana Milenium Rosu


Harvest year: 2016

Grape varieties: Merlot 48.5%, Cabernet Sauvignon 37%, Fetească Neagră 14.5%

Alcohol 14%

Vineyards: Dealu Mare, DOC CMD

Nose: very ripe black fruit, raisins, coffee, plums, spices.

Taste: ripe black fruit, sour cherries, blueberries, dark chocolate, pepper, cinnamon, vanilla. Good acidity, strong but soft and fine tannins, well integrated alcohol, long finish, persistent.

Food to accompany: red meat (beef, lamb, game), mature cheeses or dark chocolate desserts.

Wine temperature: 15-170 C

Aging potential: 10 years

Description: This wine was created for the first time in the 1998 harvest. Over the years, we have shaped its personality, creating it from the blend of a selection of grape varieties, to improve its qualities with each year.

In Ceptura, the year 2016 – a year that was not easy, started with an early spring followed by a hot and humid summer with an August at temperatures much below average. This year has spoiled us with complex, intense red wines with good aging potential.

Thus, the already classic association for SERVE of the three prestigious red grape varieties – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Feteasca Neagra has resulted in an impressive wine that goes beyond previous years.

Milenium Roșu 2016 highlights the most precious qualities of the three grape varieties that make it up. Merlot (mainly) has the elegance and soft, non-aggressive notes of the tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon supports its structure and consistency and Feteasca Neagra completes the aromas and gives complexity to its taste. The good acidity, the strong but supple and fine tannins, the well integrated alcohol and the final finish make this wine a good companion for the most sophisticated dishes.

Served at 15-17 ° C, we recommend Milenium Roşu 2016 with red meat or game, mature cheeses or dark chocolate desserts.

Keeping in optimal conditions of temperature, light and humidity, this wine has an aging potential of minimum 10 years.

VIVINO rating 3.5 / 5

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